Sunday, 31 May 2015

So glad we know that death is not the end...

Today we mourn the passing of 92 year old L.Tom Perry, one of our Church's Twelve Apostles. He gave a talk in April 2015 General Conference about marriage and families called "Why Marriage and Family Matter Everywhere in the World", telling about the the Vatican colloquium he recently participated in.

But I'll always remember his talk about riding the (NYC?) subway and reading his newspaper "the right way" - even though I never found out what that was!

Here's a beautiful sculpture, with an explanation that it shows a woman passing through the veil of death, looking back a little longingly, and then, her earthly body left behind, her vigorous spirit body runs to meet her Savior.
It's entitled "Come Unto Me" - photo by Mike Wood, not sure who sculpted it. (Google let me down).

Love it.

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