Sunday, 10 May 2015

I love belonging to a ward

The structure of a church ward provides a "family" when mine is far away; and I am getting to know people better and enjoying my ward more each week. Yesterday, I travelled alone 45 minutes by public transport to the church, planning to arrive early to give piano lessons. (I ended up cleaning and decorating for the ward party instead - but that's another story...) I was thrilled to see the gate already open, and this car in the church parking lot; meaning I wasn't going to be there alone. Turns out that some men from the other branch that shares the building were having a Home Teaching I said "hi"and chatted a bit, then went over to the other side of the building to use the piano/keyboard...when the men left, they came to inform me first, so I could lock myself in (for safety) .
Soon the Young Women's President and a friend arrived to clean the church before the party; then some Young Women came to help blow up balloons etc. and the fun began! (And later yesterday I got to teach a piano lesson, and another one today - it's always rewarding).
Happy Mother's Day!

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