Sunday, 17 May 2015

Just kidding about the white sand beach and palm tree photo :D

This week was actually another round of "chaperoning" at the office, planning the big end-of-June talent show, and teaching more music lessons (at both the mission office and the church).
And I attended another baptism! I think that's 4 Saturdays in a row....wonderful!

My most interesting moment was donating my insulated plastic grocery "cool" bag (which I brought from home, so as to tote ice cream and other frozen goodies home from the grocery store) to a greater cause - that is, getting perishable rabies vaccine to a smaller island, to a missionary who was bitten by a dog. (Then unfortunately the vaccine got stuck in Customs on that island overnight :(  The senior sister/medical advisor who sent it, lost a lot of sleep over it, as the flight arrived at 2am- I haven't heard if the vaccine's released yet...hopefully the airport kept it refrigerated as she went to a lot of trouble to follow protocol! And hopefully the "bitten" missionary is ok...)

My computer has been down - but it's apparently self-healed "just now" (whew!)- late enough here that I'm tired - so I will just post this much, and go to bed....

Enjoy your spring, I hope the snow's all gone by now!

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