Sunday, 12 April 2015

Top Ten Fun Facts from the mission:

1- You get absolutely sick of the clothes you brought.
2- If you fall asleep in church, the lady sitting next to you might say "good day" very loudly in your ear, to wake you up; then give you a big hug and kiss after the meeting.
3 - There is such a thing as 100% humidity, and it makes rainbows! 101% humidity = very slight drizzle. (This isn't science by the way, just my own made-up version, lol)
4 - Everyone from Trinidad knows someone who lives in Canada. Half of those Canadian residents live in Alberta, the other half live in Toronto. Some have moved from Toronto to Alberta or vice versa.
5 - I love and admire the young full-time missionaries; they are energetic, courageous, hard-working and obedient. I love the senior missionaries too. They are hard-working but sometimes get tired. Then they get up the next day and start all over again. I admire that!
6 - I love the sunsets here. I've started walking at night too just to see them.
7 - I love playing for - and interacting with - the Curepe (my ward) choir. I've found that wherever I've travelled, people who enjoy music are just the nicest!
8 - I love air conditioning. (This after years of avoiding air conditioning).
9 - I love to put ice in my juice/water/almond milk/smoothie. (This after years of no ice).
10 - Did I mention you get sick of your clothes? :-)

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  1. Aren't you glad you're only wearing those clothes for 6 months, not 23. :) Sounds hard but good! Love you!