Sunday, 5 April 2015

Thanks for all the emails from home!

(and other places) - it's always great to get mail of any kind as a missionary....
This week we had some outstanding Good Friday activities at the church. First the Primary kids made kites from paper and reeds, then flew them...a few of the dads helping out were really, really good kite-flyers! They flew their kites way up high, then made them "dance" and twirl in the sky - really lovely to see. Unfortunately due to it being so bright and sunny outside, I didn't get good pictures...
Then the Relief Society demonstrated how to make some local foods. They did it as a self-reliance activity, so you could learn to make them and/or decide if you wanted to make a business out of it, as the bishop's wife used to do.
Saturday and today I got to watch General Conference on the "big screen" (projected on the wall) down at the Francom's apartment. It was so inspiring! Unlike at home, I didn't even think of falling asleep. It is so rare and precious here to feel that connection to the center of the Church, and see live footage of the Prophet and Apostles giving us direction...
And that Conference Center organ! and the Tabernacle Choir! Such a great couple of days.

Here's spiced, mashed potato filling being put into raised bread dough circles, then folded in half (in an empanada shape) and fried. To eat, you slice it open and put tamarind sauce in the middle. Yummy

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