Sunday, 8 March 2015

Tonight I took a walk around the neighborhood. The sunrise and sunset times are pretty even here, varying from about 6am - 6pm when I first came, to a half hour later now.
I am constantly amazed at the riot of color of flowers here; on this walk, I saw yellow, red, orange, purple (both dark and light), and coral. The lawns are cut with weed whippers, not mowers - and they are spongy to walk on, like the old favorite "moss hill" of my cousins' childhood at the Ghost River cabin.
Since we're usually not home much on Sundays, I didn't realize it's a big lawn-care day in our area. Tonight there are mounds of old palm fronds and garbage bags full of grass clippings on the boulevards ready to be picked up.

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  1. It still seems surreal that you are there. It seems like a place of beauty and light, though I'm sure there is darkness and misery too. I'm glad you can be a light-bearer.