Sunday, 29 March 2015

Local fruit

Kymit or cayemite fruit, like a very big plum but with white squishy sections inside
This was a great week for local fruit! First I found cut slices of watermelon at our little local grocery...yummy.
We always seem to see the juiciest, most appealing fruit on fruitstands on the way to church on Sunday...but as part of keeping the Sabbath day holy, we don't buy anything that day.
But this week on our little jaunt to Trinidad Immigration on Thursday, we passed some great fruit stands in downtown in Port of Spain.
I bought mandarin oranges - the best I've ever tasted - and kymit (cayemite) which I was sorry to see was sold only in a "heap" (5 pieces). But they were a great conversation piece back at the mission office. when the young missionaries came in - some liked it, some didn't. (It wasn't my favorite).

Speaking of food - one missionary paid some money, then caught, killed and plucked his own chicken this week. (!!!) He said he was used to doing that at home. (No surprise, he isn't from North America).

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