Monday, 23 March 2015

The days sometimes seem long here, but the weeks fly by...
Last week was a highlight, as Elder J. Devn Cornish of the Second Quorm of Seventy of our church, along with his lovely wife, visited Trinidad.
We had a small Family Home Evening at the mission home with them on Monday night; then a Zone Conference with all 75 local young missionaries most of the day Tuesday. (Both days' events included food that I didn't have to prepare, so that was an unexpected bonus!)
Both Sister and Elder Cornish spoke each time; and on Tuesday the Mission Pres. and his wife, Pres. and Sister Mehr, also spoke. (At lunchtime Elder Cornish ate quickly, first, and then while the missionaries ate, he answered questions, wow!)
I took lots of notes but felt like I was "drinking from a fire hose".
I think my favorite part was learning that prayer is a covenant. (see, "Scriptures", Doctrine and Covenants 98:2-3). We learn as children that a covenant, such as baptism into the church, is a two-way promise; and that God always keeps his promises.
In some way we don't understand as earthly beings, He can hear and answer all of His childrens' prayers. I know and believe that with all my heart. I have had marvellous experiences with my prayers being answered (and also some spectacular trials I would't have asked for!)

Then on Wed. it was back to "real life" - learning more of the "Simply Music" program, teaching piano lessons (some of which were cancelled due to personal or family illness) - delivering bikes to elders and getting groceries - attending a ward fireside Sat. night - going to Church early on Sunday, with special quiet time to ponder future music plans.

My only frustration with the SimplyMusic program, a playing-based (instead of the traditional "reading-based") music system, is that no "true doctrine" is taught through their music.
However, I realized one could learn the complete gospel of Jesus Christ through hymns and Primary children's songs and I was excited to begin outlining how that would look.

Bringing "new" ( to them) bikes to elders

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