Sunday, 28 June 2015

We sang Hymn #152 today in Relief Society - "God Be With You Til We Meet Again"

I can never sing that hymn (actually, this time I just listened to the beautiful "choir" sing it to me in the Trine dialect) without remembering a relative's double funeral years ago, and their grown children's impression, shared later with me, that the deceased parents were singing the words TO the children.

It's dawned on me a few times, how this experience I'm having is a bit like life in general - I left at a different time, to a different place, than many of my friends and family....(like when we were all in the spirit world together in our pre-mortal life).

When I got here, I didn't know my way around! It was all new to me. I had to learn bit by bit,  grow and s-t-r-e-t-c-h to deal with the parts I wasn't wild about. I admit I cried about it a few times. (Like coming into this world, and learning how to navigate - first babyhood, then toddler, then taking off on your own, etc)

Now I am leaving (early Tuesday morning) and again I'll cry...I'm leaving dear friends...although I know I'm going back to old and dear ones.
It reminds me of all the goodbyes I've said over the years - to grandparents, dear aunts and uncles, then our baby daughter Angela, then a nephew, a niece, then my dad, my husband, and my mother-in-law.
They left and I cried.
But I know they were then reunited with dear friends and family...and that is a comfort.

As someone said about a ship sailing  - some watch it leave, wave, and say "There she goes" - with sadness - while on a distant shore, others wait eagerly for the same passengers, saying "Here she comes!"
It seems life is made up of hello's and good-bye's....

I have loved the people I've served and served with, here.

I will cherish the memories.


  1. We know people will miss you Sister Miller. We will be among them. Thanks so much for sacrificing to come and serve. We well know it wasn't easy but we also know it was and is and will always be rewarding.

    We wish you the best as you return,

  2. That was Elder Turner above. Now it's my turn. Thank you so much for coming to the WIM! I know there were hard times, but I also know that you made the best of the difficult circumstances. You are a survivor! We wish you the best in the next new adventures in your life!

    Much Love. Sister T

    1. Love you guys! WIM friends forever! In former years I would've said "hang in there", but now I prefer to say "Stay By The Tree!" XO

  3. So glad you were able to serve, but I can't wait to see your ship sailing over the horizon! Love you lots!