Sunday, 21 June 2015

My ward had a great Father's Day!

I wanted to get a picture of what is a commonplace happening here - but still extraordinary in my experience - the ward's returned/serving missionaries were called up to the front to sing to a departing missionary, Daniel. (I was called up to play for them so I missed taking the picture, too bad). Members of that group are often asked publicly to bear testimony, give advice, etc. It now includes two young women! one of them my companion....with another young woman returning from her mission soon. What a strong, wonderful young group they are.

The Curepe Ward loves to celebrate with food, I've found - they really do it up right! Today was no exception: after church the Relief Society served "brunch" (delicious finger foods and cake) to the 15 fathers in the ward; but of course couldn't leave out the rest of us really it the spot.

Since I didn't get any good pictures this week I'm adding two I took earlier. One thing I love about Trinidad is the brightly colored houses. Our apartment building is bright blue (we call it "Blue Heaven"). Our landlord's house next door is bright gold. There's a house with lime green accents just down the street. My favorite color is the purple and blue house around the corner.

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