Sunday, 22 February 2015

Music, music, and more music!

Well it's the same in the Church world-wide I think - tell people you play the piano and you suddenly become very sought-after...
My first piano (ie, keyboard) student can play the right hand of his first hymn already, and would've played it in church to accompany the congregation today if he hadn't been called away on another assignment instead...I think he is very brave! My young comp is also learning; and today we added a 15 year old girl from Sangre Grande (pronounced Sandy Grandy) Ward to the student roster.
The ward I live in (Curepe) has had a great keyboard-learning program for the last couple of years, and their learners take turns playing one hymn apiece during Church services; while the others alternate conducting the music.

Curepe ward chapel - I love the bright flowers!

Our view out the mission office window while the a/c was broken earlier this week

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