Sunday, 1 February 2015

hardly anyone here uses mac computers! augh!

....which is why I haven't posted lately. I have no idea how to put photo's on here! I continue to post  on Facebook though (Jackie Hudson Miller is my Facebook name).
What can I say about Trinidad? It's warm :) - both the weather and the people - although they're perhaps guarded at first... but by the time I attended the Carribean Area Stake Conference broadcast this morning in Port of Spain stake center, I knew quite a few members. (And it's only my 3rd week going to church here!) Instead of saying "hi, I remember you" they give you a big hug...

I continue to be amazed at the young missionaries - they are dedicated and loving, fun to be around. I know they get tired, but they get up the next day and go out again...they truly want to help people find more light and goodness in their lives. I wish I could post the photos of the times I've gone out with the young sister missionaries - such a nice break from the mission office work!

At one appointment we climbed down some rough stone steps in a beautiful, lush, remote rainforest area, where the sisters were teaching someone living in a shack with no electricity. We stood outside, reading our scriptures by cell phone light, as the sun set (at around 6pm here) and the fireflies came out. Then we saw the stars come out overhead. As the scriptures say "all things denote there is a God" (Alma 30:44)- so stunning.

This past week was Seniors Conference, where senior couple missionaries came from all the islands of the mission into Trinidad. It will be last official one in the West Indies mission! as the mission is dividing July 1st, mostly because of the complications of dealing with so many different languages and currencies/airlines etc. (Stake Conference was broadcast today partly in Spanish, partly in English; and also translated into French, Dutch and Creole). For seniors conference, about 14 couples came in from other islands; and all the office staff got to attend as well. It was the culmination of many people's hard work and planning.We got to witness another stunning miracle of God when we toured the Caroni Swamp Bird Sanctuary and waited for the scarlet ibis, the national bird of Trinidad, to fly back to roost for the night. The tide was high so it took a little longer; but soon they flew in, in droves - hundreds, maybe thousands of them...bright scarlet red among the green trees. We were fortunate that they kept moving around, giving us an even better view; the guide said he'd spotted a hawk the night before, so the birds were extra cautious before finally settling down.

Many people are religious here - you see religious slogans on store windows, the back of taxi's, etc - much different than home. Yesterday while I was out shopping in our little nearby mall, I ducked into a fancy dress shop just to look at the sparkly prom-type dresses. In conversation, I found out the young clerk works 6 days/week - not uncommon here. I explained we only had to work 5 days, but we didn't get paid - "we get God's pay" I said. The cute, fashionable young girl exclaimed enthusiastically "that's the best pay!" and I have to agree. (See Alma 30:34)

Until next week....

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