Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year, 2015

In two weeks I'll be in the air, flying to Trinidad!
It's been an exciting time - but that depends on what you mean by exciting I guess - I got 7 or 8 vaccinations within 36 hours (don't do that). Then I had to take a nap and lay low for a day or two.
Now I have an red, itchy allergic reaction thing (to junk food maybe?) going on all around my mouth, to match the red spots on my left eye and eyebrow (and neck, and hip) I've had for a month (psoraisis). And I had a minor dental problem happen, that can't be solved til the lab opens Jan. 8th.
Not fun.
The dentist said it's to be expected when you try to go do something good. He's seen it before. (Me too.) I've watched my own pre-mission kids go thru stages of temptation, avoidance, etc but never knew I'd feel those things too! (Seems I always empathize too late - sorry kids!)
Meanwhile, I continue to slowly knock things off the "long long list" to finish before I go (car repairs, house clean up, getting "summer" skirts ready & packing, etc). I've started studying Preach My Gospel and watching "The District" videos. (Who knew they were on Gospel Library on my iPad? That was a welcome surprise!) Even though I won't be directly involved in missionary work, I want to know what goes on! and I have the same purpose.
My friend asked on the phone last night if I'd be allowed (under the terms of my Trinidad visa) to go to teaching appointments with the missionaries as a ward/branch member.
I don't know.
One more thing I'll look forward to finding out!
Sister S. emailed me from the mission - could I bring some DEET mosquito repellant please? That sounds ominous...

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