Sunday, 21 December 2014

mission prep fun....

I tried to post last Tuesday after our Activity Day "two horse open sleigh" (wagon) ride... I don't think my post worked here's a thumbnail:
Even though it was cold that day, and got colder, it made me kind of nostalgic. Nostalgic for when I was a little girl singing "Christopher Robin" on the stage of the old Whyte Ave chapel in Edmonton (where the singer gets sidetracked and says "wasn't it fun in the bath tonight! the cold's so cold, and the hot's so hot...")
On our chilly ride, I thought a lot about the Cardston pioneers and how harsh this weather might have seemed to them. My friend tells me some wanted to go home; but didn't ever get to....

25 sleeps then I'm off to Trinidad! It seems forever. Although sometimes it seems too close... Lots to finish yet. One more immunization tomorrow then that's done....(ouch, both arms hurt now!) I can't wait.

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